Ultrasound Scanning

If you recently had your dog breed, you can confirm the pregnancy of your bitch through ultrasound scanning from 21 days onwards after the last mating. A dog ultrasound scan is a non-invasive imaging procedure performed by professionals to see your pet’s internal body parts.

Is this service for pregnant bitch only? The answer is no. The ultrasound and scanning procedure is also performed for pets suspected of having tumors, internal body problems, and other health problems that ultrasound scanning can detect.

If you are a dog breeder who wants to confirm pregnancy, ultrasound scanning is your best option. At K9 Fertility Clinic, we offer ultrasound scanning for pregnancy confirmation, care, and quick diagnosis of internal health issues in dogs.

When to have an Ultrasound Scan for my Dog

Suppose you want to confirm pregnancy for your bitch, be updated on the pregnancy, see how puppies are growing, litter progress, litter size, check if there are possible problems, or if you want a second opinion. In that case, ultrasound scanning is always a great option.

Is your bitch pregnant? Ultrasounds are one of the best ways to identify the whelping date of your dog. In addition, this procedure helps dog breeders prepare before their bitch gives birth.

Ultrasound scans are also one of the best methods to see any health problems in your dogs which commonly includes: heart conditions, abnormalities in urine and blood test, ultrasound-assisted tissue collection, and soft-tissues examination. These underlying health problems can be confirmed and diagnosed by ultrasound.

Is Ultrasound Scanning Safe?

A scanning service is a non-invasive scan procedure that uses sound waves that are 100% safe for your pet. This method is carried out through modern equipment and technology that allows experts to check your pet’s internal body.

However, for abdominal ultrasounds, dog owners might have to avoid giving their pet water and food for a more accurate image of the procedure. Most pets that undergo animal ultrasound are well-behaved, but in some cases where pets become agitated, they will be sedated for the procedure.


ultrasound scanning

How is it done?


Ultrasound services are performed by shaving the fur first on the area before proceeding with the procedure. Our veterinary sonographer will then use a gel to smoothly navigate the area after shaving the fur to prevent air space. Using a hospital grade also allows sonographers to see more precise images. A handheld probe will be used to scan the site.

Official results often vary depending on the number of customers the clinic has. Usually, dog owners and breeders must wait a few days for the result and accurate diagnosis.

Where can my Dog have an Ultrasound Scanning?

Ultrasound scans are commonly offered in veterinary and fertility animal clinics. Before availing of scanning services, ask for a veterinarian or expert qualified to do an ultrasound scan.

K9 Fertility Clinic offers ultrasound scans for customers living in Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth. We ensure that our clinician staff performing the ultrasound scanning is well-qualified and has undergone ultrasonography training to provide accurate results and safe procedures.

Should the Clinic be Part of the Animal Ultrasound Association?

The Animal Ultrasound Association is an organization that establishes safe ultrasound scanning procedures for animals. If you are looking for clinics that are members of this association, you can check them out here.

Trusted Dog Ultrasound Scanning Service in the UK

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering our customers professional services. We offer a safe ultrasound scan that is proven and tested to confirm a pregnancy and be updated on the litter’s progress and other health problems with optimum results. We also ensure that all dog breeders and their dogs who come to our clinic are comfortable by performing the procedure in a safe environment.

If you are looking for a fertility clinic that offers other services besides ultrasound, K9 Fertility Clinic also performs artificial inseminationprogesterone testingsemen analysis, and many more at competitive rates. Contact us today and be in touch with our experts.


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