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Finding the perfect stud dog for your bitch can be a real challenge, especially if you want your female dog to produce flawless puppies. Successful breeding comes with a lot of consideration, preparation, research, and planning.

One of the factors that dog breeders have to consider is the stud fee. The price can often cost one puppy, but it can be negotiated with the service provider. At K9 fertility clinic, our stud fee usually varies on our clinic location, dog’s breed, breeding process and frequency of mating, and other tests before studding your female dog.

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K9 Fertility Clinic Stud Dogs at Your Service

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we take pride in providing stud dogs that meet your breed standard. Our years of experience ensure that our stud dogs are in good health to avoid a problematic breeding situation during mating and decrease the chances of passing these health problems to the puppies.

We accommodate dog owners with our proven stud dogs selected for their excellent temperament and health condition, pedigree, breeding performance, and proven stud service. Once the stud succeeds, dog owners can also choose from our fertility services like ultrasound and scanning to ensure that the pregnancy of their female dogs is safe and healthy. You can always contact us at +447928412354 for inquiries and questions.

Understanding Stud Dog Service

Canine stud service is a procedure where a stud and female dog in heat is bred. It is the process where dog owners and clinics agree to lend a male dog for mating with their bitches. Fertility or veterinary centres that offer dog breeding have specific stud dogs of different pedigree to accommodate a variety of dog breeds. As a dog owner, you have to ask for a stud contract and read it thoroughly to avoid problems during the mating process.

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we ensure to offer stud services at an affordable stud fee to cater to all customers around the UK with different budgets. If the idea of mating your pet with a stud dog, another option we offer at K9 Fertility Clinic is artificial insemination, where fertility experts directly insert the semen into the dog’s uterus.

What is a Stud Dog?


Stud dogs are male dogs registered to a kennel club for breeding. When a dog is registered as a stud dog, it is strictly made to breed with a bitch of the same breed as theirs. Instead of buying new puppies of the same breed, dog owners opt for stud services which is a wiser decision considering the price, whole process of mating, and outcome.

How to Choose the Perfect Stud Dogs

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we conduct health tests to ensure that our stud dogs are of excellent health and fit to mate with your bitch. These are the qualities our stud dogs attain:

  • Outstanding temperament
  • Fully health tested
  • No defects
  • Proven strength and capabilities
  • KC registered
  • Fertility 

If you are a new dog owner and haven’t done breeding dogs before, you can always seek advice from our trusted fertility experts and other canine owners to understand the mating process.

I want a crossbred litter. Is it possible with a stud dog?

Crossbreed litters are extremely popular. A dog’s pedigree is mated with another breed to produce crossbreed puppies. One of the most famous breeds to mate with other pedigrees is the Cocker Spaniel.

When a Cocker Spaniel is mated with a Poodle, it produces a Cockapoo. The mixture of these two breeds is easily noticeable through their appearance. Other pedigrees can still be mixed with Cocker Spaniel if you prefer!

However, in most cases, crossbreed dogs are associated with congenital problems and health issues. It is why choosing a fully health-tested stud dog is essential. You can always check with the clinics if they have a crossbreed stud dog open for service.

Can Stud Services Affect Dog Breeding?

If there’s one thing stud dogs can do for your in-heat dogs, they improve your breed! They create pure, beautiful, and excellent puppies that you can get many benefits from.

Benefits of Mating Your Bitch with our Stud Dogs

If you are a dog owner who worries about your dog being mated with a stud dog, we have provided you with a list of the pros of why K9 Fertility Clinic is a trusted stud dog service suitable for your dog.

  • The dog’s pedigree is strictly traced and preserved.
  • Compatibility with your dog is ensured.
  • You can improve the breed of your dog.
  • You produce flawless puppies by choosing a stud dog that lacks the flaws of your dog.
  • Make extra money by selling the other puppies in your care.
  • Have more pets at home if you prefer! Are many puppies running around the house? Who would not love that?
  • You can also offer stud in the future if you keep a male dog.
  • The pedigree quality of future generations is ensured.
  • If you are still undecided, you can give us a call and talk with our dog experts to help you come up with the best decision for your dog.

What are the Top Breeds of Stud Dogs?

Still in search of breed options for stud dog service? We got you! The list below contains the most popular pedigree for stud dog services in the UK.

  • Mixed breed
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Dachshund
  • French Bulldog
  • Chihuahua
  • Golden Retriever
  • Shih Tzu
  • Siberian Husky
  • Poodle

These are just some of the UK’s in-demand breeds for stud services. If you are looking for other dogs, you can always contact us for the complete list of our stud dogs.

Do they need to be registered with The Kennel Club UK?

The Kennel Club (KC) is the largest dog organization in the UK that dedicates its hard work to prioritizing health, welfare, and training dogs to their optimum performance. KC registered dogs are those in their database that have undergone microchipping. Every certified breeder in the UK is accredited by UKAS to protect male dogs, bitches, and puppies.

However, KC does not cater to stud dogs’ registration. The primary purpose of this organization is to protect dogs and ensure that they are living healthy life and being taken care of by responsible owners.

If you are a dog owner, do not forget to register your dogs at The Kennel Club so they know you are a responsible fur parent!

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Land with the Best Stud Dogs in the UK

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we ensure to provide stud dogs with proven fertility tests, excellent stud capability, and significant health conditions. Our stud dogs have excellent rates of mating with dogs and producing puppies with absolute qualities and an improved pedigree line.

We offer stud dog service to different areas in the UK: Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth. Other fertility services are also available at our clinics. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you and your dogs.


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