Semen Analysis

If you are a female dog owner looking for good-quality semen to get your bitch pregnant, the K9 Fertility Clinic is the best place to go. We offer semen analysis to our customers who live in Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth. Our canine semen testing is a professional service performed by our team of clinicians and fertility experts in animals. This procedure is perfect for pet owners looking for stud dogs or dog breeders who want to offer stud services.

Aside from our canine semen analysis, we also offer different fertility services such as progesterone testing, ultrasound scanning, and more. These services ensure that ultimate breeding and pregnancy services are accessible to everyone.

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What is an Analysis of Semen Sample?

Semen analysis is a stress-free process to test the sperm quality of a dog. It is one of the essential canine fertility services that help dog breeders understand the fertility of their dogs. After collecting the sperm, our clinicians examined it to determine the sperm count, semen mobility, semen morphology, quantity, and bacteria to avoid STDs. Semen testing is a method to comprehensively analyze if the stud dog’s semen sample can be used for artificial insemination and can be of use in successful breeding.


Why is Canine Semen Analysis Important?

Canine semen analysis is essential in verifying if your male dog is suitable for stud services. Under this procedure, you can check semen health and verify the overall sperm quality. Please note that some sperm can have good semen mobility but do not pass morphology, or sometimes, they do not meet the suggested sperm count. It means that there is an abnormality in how the semen looks.

Aside from the sperm qualities, problems that can occur during the breeding process can also be identified through semen testing.

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we ensure that our clinician is an experienced dog handler who has been in the industry for a long time to provide accurate semen testing for our customers. It is an indicator of whether the stud dog’s sperm can be used for artificial insemination or not.


How do We Analyze

a Semen Sample?

Our fertility experts at K9 Fertility Clinic offer semen analysis to our customers with modern equipment and years of experience in testing semen most accurately. Dog owners can bring their dogs to our clinic for semen collection if there’s a female dog in the heat nearby. The sperm will be sent to our laboratory clinic for examination and semen testing after the collection.

semen analysis for stud dogs

Dog Semen Analysis Service in the UK

K9 Fertility Clinic offers different fertility services for dog owners who want a safe pregnancy and successful dog breeding. Aside from semen analysis, we also offer semen shipping servicescanine artificial insemination, and other methods to ensure your dogs get the best healthcare from us.

We also offer stud dog services for female dog owners who want a dog breeding program from our clinic using semen from our stud dog. Stud dogs from our clinic have had their semen tested, so our customers ensure they get the best dog pedigree for their bitch. If you are looking for the best clinic with fertility services, you can contact us here or call us at +447928412354 for inquiries.



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