Dog Microchipping

Dog microchipping is a procedure where a computer chip is implanted under your dog’s skin in between the shoulder blades. It contains a unique number code that includes your pet’s details that helps authorities identify the owner’s name, address, and contact details.

Whenever your pet goes missing and has been surrendered to an organization like veterinary clinics and lost and found or rescue centres, the local authority can access the dog’s chip details and give him back to his owner.

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Should I Get My Dog Microchipped?

It’s not the question of “should I” because, in England UK, you have to get your new puppy or dog microchipped as early as eight weeks old. Since 2016, dog owners should have their dogs microchipped and register their dog’s microchip details on their area’s designated and approved database. These dog’s details and your contact details must also be kept up to date whenever there will be changes about your pet.

Aside from getting dog microchipping, a collar with a name tag and owner’s details is also a legal requirement in England. You can still make them wear their collar regardless of your location, whether you are in a public place or not. As the owner, it is your free will to make them wear the collar or not.

For new owners acquiring a pet from a breeder, you can verify if the puppy is already microchipped by checking on the microchip database. If not, get your dog microchipped if it’s already 8 weeks of age and above since it is a legal requirement in the UK for getting pets.

If your dog’s microchip number of your dog is unknown to you, you can check it with a scanner. Owners without a microchip scanner at home can have them scanned at local vet clinics for free.

Can I Make Changes in My Dog’s Microchip Details?

If you are relocating from one place to another, you have to keep the details up to date by changing the microchip details with your updated address. To update the contact details in your dog’s microchip, you have to connect with the local database that has the chip details of your pet. It depends on the database if you are worried about whether to reach the microchip database by phone or to go to them personally.

However, if you will be rehoming your pet to a new owner, you have to register the further details of the new owner to your pet’s microchip. However, the new keeper should check the newly registered contact details if they are right.



Can My Pet Not Get Dog Microchipping?

Since it is a law in the UK, dog owners and breeders who fail to follow this law when caught are subjected to a fine of £500. However, some are exempted from dog microchipping due to health reasons. It is when dogs have health problems or side effects from the microchip implanted on your dog’s skin.

Is the Microchip Implanted Safe?

Dog microchipping is becoming common nowadays and is safe for your dogs and puppies. At K9 Fertility Clinic, we perform dog microchipping by checking the tools and equipment to verify the dog’s microchip details, microchip number, and packaging bar code.

Reasons to have Your Puppy and Dog Microchipped

Getting dog microchipping for your pet is a permanent form of identification. By keeping the details up to date in these microchips, owners ensure that rescuers can always see the updated owner’s details and contact them to have their dogs when their pets go missing.

The local authority and a registered charity in your area that rehomes puppies and stray dogs can also verify if they were able to rehome a puppy with a responsible and caring owner or breeder. Another benefit to consider is that when a natural disaster occurs and your pet gets lost, you can always reconnect with them after the event.

Where Can I Get a Microchip for My Pet?

Dog microchipping is done in local vet clinics in your area. If you reside in Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth, you can go to K9 Fertility Clinic branches in these areas. We offer a dog microchipping service from our local vet and expert clinician.

How do We Perform Dog Microchipping?

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we perform dog microchipping using a sterile syringe containing the microchip. We insert the microchip between the shoulder blades of the dog after verifying that the dog’s microchip number and other details are correct.

However, this only applies to new puppies. Suppose you were able to get dogs or plan to adopt stray dogs from rescue centres or a registered charity. In that case, they are most likely to have a microchip and are already registered in the approved database of your location. Owners can confirm and keep the microchip details of their dogs up to date by checking with the database where their pet is registered.

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Trusted Clinic for Dog Microchipping in the UK

K9 Fertility Clinic is a trusted vet and fertility centre in the UK. We offer fertility and dog care services like ultrasound scanningprogesterone testingsemen analysis, and many more. Our team consists of fertility experts and clinicians that have undergone proper training.

If you plan to get your pet microchipped, contact us at +447928412354 and book a schedule with our vets.


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