Dog Artificial Insemination

Some dog breeders are looking for a particular stud dog that can impregnate their female bitch. However, some breeds are not always available in their location, especially if they want a sperm of a crossbreed dog.

When this kind of situation arises, natural mating is somehow impossible to happen. Fertility clinics offered solutions are canine semen shipping and dog artificial insemination. These are the methods that involve using frozen semen to get female dogs pregnant.

K9 Fertility Clinic offers fertility methods and other services like stud dogs, ultrasound and scanning, and many more around the UK. We cater to customers in areas in Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth.

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What is Dog Artificial Insemination?

Dog artificial insemination is a procedure where a female dog undergoes general anaesthesia for direct implantation of canine semen into its uterus. Factors to consider in artificial insemination procedure are semen quality, semen type (fresh sperm, frozen semen, or fresh, chilled semen), fertility of both female and male dogs, age, site of sperm insertion, and time of artificial insemination.

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we ensure our customers that with our dog artificial insemination service, their female dogs will experience a stress-free insemination technique for successful breeding. Our fertility experts use sterile equipment like catheters and extenders during artificial insemination to implant the canine semen.

With our services, dog owners have the assurance that this procedure is a successful breeding option with increased conception rates. This method also protects their bitch from acquiring STDs from stud dogs. On the other hand, our stud dogs are health tested to ensure that our semen collection of ejaculated semen is 100% safe.

Frozen Semen Vs. Fresh Semen

Dog artificial insemination is a fertility procedure that does not require natural mating. Thus, using semen from a sperm collection or previously collected sperm. The success rate with artificial insemination in dogs climbs up to 59 to 80%, especially with fresh sperm. It is collected by letting the stud dog mount an artificial vagina until they ejaculate. The ejaculated sperm is collected and stored for insemination purposes.

Stud dogs at K9 Fertility Clinic are Kennel Club registered, so our customers are assured that the semen we will use for insemination is safe and std-free. Fresh or chilled semen is used during dog artificial insemination by veterinary professionals to ensure quality, successful breeding, and dog pregnancy. It is collected from young and fertile stud dogs. It can survive in a bitch’s reproductive tract for up to 7 days.

Fresh chilled sperm, on the other hand, is a collected sperm from a stud dog that is cooled to 4°C to preserve its quality while waiting for transport. The last semen type is frozen semen, stored with liquid nitrogen. This semen type has the shortest life span. It only lives for 12 to 24 hours in the female dog’s reproductive tract.

Three Types of

Artificial Insemination in Dogs

Dog breeding with artificial methods is an imitation of the natural mating process. In artificial insemination in dogs, only trained professionals from our team are the ones who will perform the procedure. Before insemination, we suggest dog owners have their bitch undergo progesterone testing to identify their progesterone levels for a more accurate insemination schedule. It is the process of conducting vaginal cytology or blood test to know the luteinizing hormone and their fertile days.

Transcervical Insemination

This insemination method is the most common in fertility clinics. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that gets to a bitch’s pregnancy by using a catheter to deposit the semen. The site of insertion is through the vagina just in front of the dog’s cervix.

The transcervical method of dog artificial insemination is a procedure where all types of semen can be used and is a great technique for large breeds. Our staff at K9 Fertility Clinic is trained to perform this procedure.

Vaginal Insemination

Like the natural breeding method, this insemination procedure deposits the semen through the vagina until the end, resulting in pregnancy and small litter. It is the most common insertion method that is also a non-invasive technique and does not work well with frozen semen collected from dogs.

Since this is one of the least specialized dog artificial insemination techniques, we allow our K9 Fertility Clinic staff, who has undergone proper training to perform transcervical insemination in dogs. We always make sure to use semen with great quality in this technique, catheter with appropriate size, and ensure that the bitch is fertile.

Surgical Insemination

Unlike the two non-invasive insemination procedures, trained professionals only perform this method. It is done by creating an incision on the dog’s abdomen. The semen is directly implanted on the uterus horns of the dog and can only succeed during the peak of the dog’s in-heat season.

If you plan to have your bitch impregnated through dog artificial insemination, the K9 Fertility Clinic is the best place to go in the UK.

Dog AI in K9 Fertility Clinic UK

With our years of experience, K9 Fertility Clinic has been a trusted fertility centre in the UK, serving different places. We take pride in offering fertility and pregnancy services to our customers with the highest standards and highly-committed professionals.

At K9 Fertility Clinic, aside from dog artificial insemination, we also offer various services for your dogs, like dog microchippingstud dogs, and many more. You can give us a call at +447928412354 for consultation and inquiries.


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