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Nothing beats that exciting feeling when dog breeders have bitches in heat. It means that they are fertile and ready to breed. If you are a dog owner or breeder who does not have a male dog, one of your options is to find a fertility clinic that offers stud dog services and artificial insemination, which allows breeding without direct contact.

However, some dog owners cannot make a final decision for a stud dog, do not want a natural breeding process, or want a specific breed or crossbreed of dogs. It is why some canine fertility centres offer canine semen shipping. Canine semen transporting is a method of shipping frozen semen to a location further from the clinic’s area or country.

At K9 Fertility Clinic, besides our stud dog service, we also cater to dog owners outside the UK who want dog semen from a specific breed of stud dog from us. Our team ensures the satisfaction of our customers by providing a safe and secured chilled or frozen semen shipment.

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Why Buy a Dog’s Semen From Us?

Although frozen semen has a lower survival rate in a bitch’s reproductive tract, the success rate with our canine semen shipping is high. Chilled dog semen from young dogs can often live up to 6 days. However, frozen semen from older dogs tends to have a shorter life span of 12-48 hours, so frequent progesterone testing in females is needed. It is proven to fertilize eggs when used through artificial insemination. If you still worry or have doubts, we have provided some benefits when buying chilled semen from our stud dogs.

  • High success rate and proven quality puppies
  • Performed under artificial insemination process
  • Dog’s semen from our clinic is thoroughly analyzed, so it has a lesser risk for diseases
  • Semen transport costs are affordable
  • Our team works closely with our client
  • Sperm is from a pedigree stud dog
  • Easy shipping for frozen and chilled semen
  • Artificial insemination means less stress for the female dog

Our collection of chilled semen in our clinic is safely tested for its accurate volume, structure (size and shape), and motility to provide quality services. Before canine semen shipping, we always make sure that the owner of the bitch has an import license to avoid conflict before and during shipping.

Aside from chilled semen and shipment, we also offer ultrasound and scanning, artificial insemination, and other fertility tests for customers who live around Birmingham, Walsall, Lichfield, and Tamworth. We provide these services with the assurance that anyone can afford them at a more affordable price.

Essential Requirements for Canine Semen Shipping

There are documents you need to prepare before purchasing the canine semen shipping service from our clinic. Don’t worry because our team is in full support of the paper works! You have to prepare these requirements at your end for a smooth shipment, especially if you are from outside the UK.

  • Import license or permit
  • Laboratory test results
  • Health certificate
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Chilled semen transport boxes (if only your area or country requires a new one)
  • Progesterone testing for your bitch to identify if the ideal insemination time fits the schedule


How We Chill or Freeze a Dog Semen


At K9 Fertility Clinic, we also offer semen chilling for dog owners who want puppies with our stud dogs but do not want their dogs to undergo the natural mating process. We collect sperm by keeping a bitch in heat nearby our stud dog, exposing the bulb of the penis, and letting our stud dog thrust until the semen is ejaculated into a collection sleeve.

Once we can collect the fresh semen, it will undergo the freezing process. The frozen semen sample will be stored with liquid nitrogen at -196°C for freezing. Then comes the thawing process. We will take out frozen straws from the semen sample to identify the motility of the semen sample that defines its ability to move toward a female egg.

To keep a high-quality dog’s semen in our collection, we ensure the freezing and thawing process correctly to avoid losing the motility of the semen. On the other hand, even with the assurance of adequately stored dog semen with outstanding quality, we still advise our customers to inseminate the sperm directly to the bitch’s uterus.

Our team of semen experts conducts the freezing process to ensure quality and accurate data on the sperm. All processed semen is stored with proper labelling of all the information breeders and experts need to know (stud dog, time, date, and place of collection). Frozen semen that is thoroughly evaluated is kept in our storage with liquid nitrogen at the correct temperature while waiting for insemination with bitches around or outside the UK.

Can I Purchase a Chilled Semen Sample?

Once we collect a dog’s sperm, it will still be sent for laboratory tests which is why semen samples are not ready for transport since they are still to be tested and analyzed to see if they are fit to fertilize eggs and get a bitch pregnant.

Unfortunately, our team only allows canine semen shipping to dog owners who are fully committed to letting their dogs undergo artificial insemination. Our frozen sperm collection is only for bitch owners customers who have availed and presented complete requirements for import.

Are Our Chilled Semen Transport Boxes Safe?

The process of shipping chilled and frozen dog sperm has a lower cost than shipping frozen ones. The only downside of purchasing chilled dog sperm is that you have to consider the transport schedule and insemination, including the method of artificial insemination.

Shipping frozen dog semen has a higher transport cost because it allows you to choose your desired schedule and time of shipment and insemination. It also allows you to avoid UK seasons where the quality of dog semen is poorer than usual.

Through our years of experience and expertise, we can transport semen safely and with security and care. We provide our chilled semen transport boxes for shipping services around the UK and elsewhere in Europe. These storage boxes keep your purchased semen safe until delivered and ready to be inseminated to your bitch.

canine semen shipping in a box with fragile label

Best Canine Semen Shipping Service in the UK

K9 Fertility Clinic is a UK-based canine centre that offers different fertility services around the country. Our chilled and frozen canine semen shipping service is offered worldwide with ensured quality, preparation, and analysis of the sperm. It allows dog owners to receive their chosen breed from outside the UK, especially if they have a specific breed or crossbreed target. We also offer semen analysisartificial insemination, and other fertility services.

Our belief in providing healthcare is that the best service is achievable if you serve customers with dedication and compassion. With our services, our team ensures to provide our customers with dog semen that is safely shipped and with the assurance of getting their bitch impregnated with a great line of dog breeds. Contact us now or email us at for inquiries and consultation.


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